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Tadoba – Two hours south of Nagpur, lies the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, one of India’s most exciting and best protected Tiger Reserves. Undiscovered still, it is one of the few parks that are open all year round, and one with most visible tiger sightings. Dominated by teak forest and bamboo, it has a rugged landscape comprising of cliffs, caves, marshes, perennial lakes and boulder strewn streambeds that cater to a host of biodiversity. Among prominently spotted wildlife are the Tiger, Indian Leopard, Indian Wild Dog, Sloth bear, Gaur, Ratel, and a variety of mammals and over 280 species of birds including raptors like, Crested Serpent Eagle and Grey Headed Fishing Eagle. Tadoba is special also for rare Indian Owls, like Jungle Owlet, Spotted Owlet, Indian Scops Owl, Brown Fish Owl, Mottled Wood Owl and the Great Indian Horned Owl.

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Room Category No. of Units
Standard Room 4
Forest View Cottage 4
Water-hole Cottage 4
 Total Rooms 12
Restaurants & Bar
Restaurant Cuisine
Lounge / Dining Multi-cuisine
  • Swimming Pool
  • Library
  • Photographic hides

Leave your vehicle behind and take a walking safari with an experienced and qualified naturalist for the true thrill of the bush. Down on the same level as the animals, you will experience the untamed beauty of Tadoba. Being on foot, away from the comfort of the 4WD safari vehicle, brings about a totally new way of understanding your surroundings and your senses suddenly awaken as the forest becomes more ‘real’. Your safari guide will identify tracks; highlight interesting insects; talk about fascinating plants; and discuss the ecosystem in general – as well as, sometimes, track some of the larger animals. It is a great way to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which cannot be so easily seen from a vehicle, as well as to experience the buzz of being out with the big game.

You will also be accompanied by one of the Gond Scouts, who provides a wealth of information on the traditional medicinal uses of plants and tribal folklore. You will track game, unsure what waits round the next corner: Nilgai, Gaur, a pack of Wild Dogs, Sambar or even a Tiger. You will catch the scents and sounds of the wild India and uncover a hidden, fascinating, and interconnected world of plants, tracks and insects.

Spend time in the specially designed structures; find a comfortable position and wait for the perfect moment to release the shutter! Apart from the photographic advantage of the hides, this is also a rather unique opportunity to spend time out of a game viewing vehicle, soaking up the overall feel. With some hides positioned at eye-level on stretches of water, and others on busy game trails, and river crossings, or perched up in trees for a birds’ eye view of the action, the possibilities are unlimited, especially for the avid photographer. Sitting quietly and observing from these secluded vantage points provides the purest possible experience, witnessing animal behaviour as it unfolds naturally. No matter the spot you choose, if your timing is right, you can be sure that you will appreciate a vastly different experience to complement the more traditional methods of game viewing.  You may also be rewarded with that photograph of a lifetime!

Embark on a village walk exploring the local culture of this region in a wonderfully enriching experience. Providing an insight into the everyday life of a local Gond, these walks are guided by people from these very villages and thus, present the most rewarding experience. These well-trained guides are skilled at sighting reserved fauna hiding in the vegetation, as well as identifying the local medicinal plants in addition to recognizing the sounds made by the birds.

Walk through the village at an easy going pace which allows you to meet and interact with its residents and get a real feel of the heartbeat of an authentic Tribal village. You will get an opportunity to visit one of the traditional homesteads, and get an insight of how people work, entertain themselves and cook yet without electricity or even running water. Marvel at ancient practices being followed – like the housewife using the flat stones grinding millet, the blacksmith curving out machetes from shapeless iron, as well as the traditional healer looking for medicinal plants he uses to treat the injured or sick.

Perhaps you will visit a village school alternatively a nursery, established with funds from this tourism. Listen to the legendary tales, passed down from one generation to the next, narrated by the village elders. Later, enjoy a flavourful traditional Gond meal prepared by a lady from the village.

The stream overflowing from Tadoba Lake flows through the centre of the TigerTrails Jungle Lodge and joins the Irai Lake, adjoining the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve on the south-west boundary.  This beautiful water body is about 30Sq.Kms and has inlets, islands and bays within the jungle providing a mesmerizing vista, enhanced by the presence of the bird and wildlife coming to the edge of the water.

A wonderful way of bird watching and wildlife viewing is via oared boats, canoes and kayaks paddling silently along the jungle’s edge and looking for the denizens as they emerge along the banks. The safari involves dawn to dusk trekking and canoeing across some of the most luxuriant forest tracts of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. An added advantage of these safaris is the availability of vehicles and walking options where game activity invites a break from the river.

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