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An Overview

Mulshi Lake, Pune – Mulshi Lake is locatd close to Pune with scenic surrounding and unexploited Sahyadri hilly terrains. The Sahyadri Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of most sought after bio-diversity hotspots in the world. This picturesque landscape in its crystalline abode makes Atmantan Wellness Resort, spanning 42 acres of lush green valley, an exquisitely nature-inspired resort and overlooks the pristine Mulshi Lake. The Prana of the land bestows blessings of divine energy upon the resort… Atmantan’s wellness offering is therefore the very apt marriage of serenity and healing. You will glow with an inner light as you indulge and achieve your every wellness  goal here.

Accommodation – All the living arrangements at Atmantan have been created with the thought of luxurious integrated wellness. Each of the amenity-rich guest rooms have been designed for supreme guest comfort and luxury

Ecology – An extensive area and weather specific, environmental study was carried out here to comprehend the possibility of green buildings and nature reservation through the use of passive
architectural techniques, renewal energy, amount of solar insulation available, calculation of shadow ranges/sun shading and assessment of weather profile. In fact, Atmantan is a GOLD LEED Certified project. LEED being the green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. The findings there off have been diligently applied during the design, planning and construction stages of the resort to maintain the ecology of the land.

Solar Energy – We have the largest Solar Hot Water Installation for a resort in the country! The primary source of heating the water for nearly all the applications at Atmantan is solar energy. Evacuated type tube collectors have been deployed since they are most efficient and can heat water on days that are cloudy.

Organic Vegetable Garden – Special steps have been taken to only plant, soil and climate appropriate flora on site which ensures thriving landscape and organic vegetable gardens through the year.

Ayurveda – At Atmantan, the panchankarma treatment oils are freshly prepared and follow the traditional method of use and prescription to the exact precision so as to extract the most potent therapeutic results for you.

Holistic Health – Incorporating a diverse range of natural therapies, scientifically researched spa treatments, regular movement and mindfulness practices, the HOLISTIC HEALTH program at Atmantan will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, and in the process empowering you to unlock your own body’s natural abilities to self-heal…

Spa Life – his spa journey with our restorative collection of regal treatments including daily massages, body polishes, and holistic therapies, will gently melt your stress away and give you a visible transformation.

Restorative Physiotherapy – Atmantan’s Restorative Physiotherapy is a research based program that offers holistic, guest-centered treatment and management for a whole range of physical conditions. This program helps to optimise both health and well-being aspects of an individual thereby restoring their physical function and performance.

Yoga – JOURNEY THROUGH YOGA retreat at Atmantan will provide you with the right guidance towards imbibing the principles of Yoga as you experience its wonderful lifestyle benefits.

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Room Category No. of Units
Asoka & Arjuna Garden Groves 80
Acacia & Almatas Lake Groves 24
The Mango Tree Villa (1 bedroom villa) 1
The Rain Tree Villa (2 bedroom villa) 2
 Total Rooms 106
Restaurants & Bar
Restaurant Cuisine
Vistara Spa cuisine
Chantara The Barbeque Lounge
TÉ-JUS Juice Bar
  • Spa
  • Ayurveda
  • Oriental acupressure
  • Aromatherapy massages
  • Purifying body polishes
  • Cocooning wraps and Pranic Chakra Cleansing
  • Hammam
  • Vichy showers
  • Open Colonics and Balneotherapy
  • High-Tech Gym
  • Functional TRX Aerobics
  • Indoor Spinning Studio
  • Expansive Yoga Studio
  • Pilates and Dance Studio
  • Chemical-free Salt Water Pool
  • Swimming Pool

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